Head of Solution Energy Technology
Erich Bindschädler

Elektro Stoll Schweiz GmbH
Schlosstalstrasse 210
8408 Winterthur
Telefon +41 52338 15 75
Fax +41 52338 15 76



We supply energy and contribute to the succes of the energy revolution

Main and sub-distribution systems, substations, busbars

We plan and implement electrical energy supply up to 20kV medium voltage for ​​industry and plant construction. These include medium-voltage switchgear (10/20 kV) for utilities and industrial plants, transformer equipment constructions buildings and transformer stations of sheet steel and precast concrete. We plan low-voltage main distributor for power distribution and power factor correction and energy distribution. Our services include advising utilities, industry, government and residential customers, the configuration of power engineering systems and the calculation of technical parameters. We build enclosures for low-voltage switchgear up to 7000 A and handle the installation and commissioning of medium and low voltage switchgear.